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Facebook Reach Analysis

Does post engagement on Facebook actually create reach?  

The number of users who will see an individual Facebook post is governed by Facebook’s proprietary formula called EdgeRank, which is itself driven by user behavior – it’s complex, and unfortunately, largely unknown.

This report aims to shed some light on how people interact with brands’ Facebook content, and whether their behaviors affect the other Facebook users who see that content.

There are three specific insights included in this analysis: 

1) The correlation between post engagement and reach on Facebook
2) Effects on reach by post frequency
3) Effects on engagement and reach by post type


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What others are saying...  

Featured in an eMarketer Daily article entitled "What Encourages Facebook Engagement?" this Web Liquid study was positioned alongside Momentus Media research ("Engagement & Interaction: A Scientific Approach to Facebook Marketing") which identifies call-to-action performance on Facebook pages.

eMarketer: Engagement Rate with Facebook Posts


How did we do it?  

We gathered 3 months of data, from March through May of 2011.  Data was collected from 16 unique brands spanning a broad range, from consumer products to fashion icons and major international sports leagues, with Facebook fan counts from a few thousand to over a million each, and many in between.

Collectively, our sample included 3.5 million Facebook fans and a total of 1,527 posts.  To our knowledge, this the largest analysis of Facebook reach conducted on behalf of marketers.

Facebook Reach Analysis - Web Liquid


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