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Social Principles: Start With Why and End With ROI

People don’t by what you do, they buy why you do it. Do you know why your business uses social media? Most people can say WHAT they use social media for, but herein lies a critical disctinction. WHAT you use social media for might be something like customer service or to build awareness. Figuring out [...]

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Why Digital Marketers Should Think Like Environmentalists

We cannot let the web’s capacity for distribution fool us into thinking that it is just another broadcast medium. A vibrant, sustainable branded environment on the web doesn’t require content. It requires a brand.

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Geek Chic: How Fashion Brands Can Use Word of Mouth Monitoring

The ironic thing about the fashion industry and the web is that despite the grip that both have on our culture, they are also radically ephemeral; things come and go in the blink of an eye, only to be replaced by the next best thing. Many people give a variety of reasons for this dichotomy, [...]

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Social Media Monitoring & the Perils of Automation

State of Social Media, Part III

We discuss the importance of the user experience in social media, and how a WOM monitoring program can help in developing strategies that put the user first.

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State of Social Media, Part II

We look at Digital Death as an example of effects discussed in Part 1 & suggest alternatives to how most brands currently participate in social media.

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State Of Social Media, Part I

Plenty of people are complaining about “social media experts”, but nobody’s talking about what led to this in the first place.

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That’s What She Said: Pairing Insights With Action

This fashion industry research is interesting, but how insightful are the findings for marketers? Where does it add value? And is it actionable?

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